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Watch a short video on Gyrotonic exercises, their array of benefits, and a brief interview with its inventor!

GYROTONIC exercise elongates and tones muscles for patients of all strength and experience levels. The program is designed to be adaptable in order to take any body beyond its normal limitations while influencing the central nervous system and healing the body.

GYROTONIC exercise utilizes progressive movement systems to slowly decompress joints, mobilize the nervous system, facilitate coordination and relieve stress.

Decrease pain associated with joint compression and arthritic /degenerative changes

Produce joint articulation without joint compression

Mobilize the nervous system (relieve pain related to neural entrapment syndromes, i.e. thoracic outlet/inlet, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.)

Facilitate timing, rhythm and coordination with sport specific training patterns

Improve efficiency and ease of movement by coordinating the firing patterns of the antagonist and agonist muscle groups

Stimulate circulation and alleviate stress

Prepare for pregnancy, relieve pain associated with pregnancy, re-educate the body for natural and healthy movement patterns following pregnancy

Improve your golf game by improving pelvic mobility and eliminating faulty movement patterns in the associated muscles

Decrease chronic pain by improving overall flexibility and allowing chronic, faulty movement patterns to be replaced with healthy, pain-free patterns

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