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Welcome to Gardena Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy OfficeLocated in Gardena, California is Los Angeles County's foremost physical therapy facility. Gardena Physical Therapy is home to Board-certified and licensed physical therapists and athletic trainers. Click here to make an appointment online or get directions.

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Physical Therapists believe in the treatment of the whole body as a system to which any disruption can be hazardous or painful. This chain of nervous, muscle and joint components in the body, if damaged or dysfunctional, can result in lifelong pain and discomfort. The “Kinetic Chain” theory, used by the professionals at Gardena Physical Therapy, diagnoses and treats the root of the body’s problems, not just the symptoms. This form of treatment promotes the rehabilitation of the entire neuromuscular system, instead of isolating one problematic body part.

Gardena Physical Therapy specializes in the rehabilitation of the weak links in the neuromuscular chain by designing a specific and personalized program for each patient. These weak links can be caused by muscle imbalances and incorrect movement patterns acquired after an accident or over a lifetime. These imbalances can cause the irritation, swelling and pain of any part of the neuromuscular or skeletal system.

physical therapy services

Biomechanical assessment

Stabilization for the shoulder girdle, trunk and pelvis

Manual Therapy (soft tissue and joint mobilization)

Treatment for Temporo-Mandibular Dysfunction (TMD)

Treatment for headaches with our physical therapists

Treatment for pregnancy related pain

Sport specific rehabilitation Los Angeles

Golf Fitness Instruction certification by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

Physical Therapist Los Angeles

Areas of Therapy

Nerve Impingement

Carpal Tunnel

Tarsal Tunnel

Thoracic Inlet/Outlet

Musculo-Skeletal Dysfunction

Neck and Back Pain


Temporo-mandibular Dysfunction (TMJ)


Joint Pain (shoulder, knee, hip, etc.)


Spinal Dysfunction

Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)

Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)



Myofascial Dysfunction

Fascial Restrictions

Plantar Fasciitis


Sports Injuries / Strength & Conditioning

Balance Deficits

Chronic Pain

Pregnancy Related Pain

Post-Surgical Pain

Auto Injuries

Work Injuries

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